Truck & Trailer LOGISTICS In-vehicle Surveillance CCTV

Improve heavy truck fleet efficiency, personnel safety and reduce fleet operating costs.


Improve heavy truck fleet efficiency, personnel safety and reduce fleet operating costs.

The way to maximize the profit of the fleet is not only to start with the market itself, but also to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency through the on-board video surveillance system. Ultimately, fleet profits will be maximized.

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We’ll help protect your workers and your vehicles from preventable accidents.

truck mdvr bsd blind spot detection system

blind spot detection

BSD camera. Remove visual blind spots of logistics vehicles and give drivers full visibility and confidence. Let drivers drive safer.

mdvr location of the logistic transport fleet

Locate logistics fleet

Know the GPS location of the logistics vehicle in real-time through the map of the Targetstar MDVR platform. This will speed up the resolution of the incident.

logistics vehicles mdvr real time surveillance video

monitoring video inside & outside

Assisted driving cameras (ADAS & DMS) can help drivers focus on driving and improve driving safety.


Fleet centralized management

Send commands from a control center platform at any time to control the status of the fleet.
View, manage and monitor your fleet anytime, anywhere.

mdvr logistics vehicle fuel monitoring

fuel monitoring

Targestar MDVR platform displays the fleet’s fuel consumption in real-time. Optimize routes through data and reduce fleet operating costs.

mdvr platform real time live view

Multi-platform MDVR video surveillance

Improve your fleet operations through a video management platform, optimize your resource allocation and deal with issues in a timely manner.

transport logistics mdvr video telematics solutions by targestar

Why Targestar?

  • 15 years manufacturer in China, has rich experience in MDVR products and video fleet solutions.


  • White-label/Secondary Interface monitoring platform and app — As fleet management, our device-agnostic and infinitely scalable IoT platform is compatible with any device capable of transmitting data and can be connected to any third-party system using our API/Protocol.

Adding Value To Your Business

Integrated Truck & Trailer Logistics CCTV Safety Products

The incorporation of artificial intelligence in Targetar’s fleet video surveillance system is becoming a transversal and necessary tool for any company

Companies can maximize operational process optimization, increase customer trust and knowledge or increase turnover through data, measurements, and information from fleet video surveillance systems.

truck trailer logistics integrated mdvr surveillance platforms technology

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