Taxis In-car Surveillance CCTV Solutions

Take care of your taxi drivers and passengers easily & improve fleet management efficiency

keep passengers and drivers SAFE & give PEACE of MIND to car rental groups.

Taxi on-board video surveillance systems enhance driver and passenger safety, deter and assist crime detection, and provide technical solutions for resolving taxi service and fare disputes.

taxis vehicle cctv solutions


Take care of your taxi drivers and passengers easily & improve fleet management efficiency

mdvr taxis on board video surveillance for reduce insurance costs

Reduce insurance
costs & false claims

On-board video surveillance system, view and record video evidence in real-time.

mdvr platform real time live view


Improve fleet operations through a video management platform, optimize resource allocation & deal with issues in a timely manner.

mdvr on board video surveillance dms camera for monitoring driver behavior

Driver Status
Monitoring Camera (DMS/DSM)

Smart camera monitors the status of the driver, allowing the driver to focus on driving, improving safety and increasing passenger trust.

mdvr on board video surveillance with vehicle sos button

SOS Panic button

Improve security. Instantly send alerts and be flagged in the video surveillance platform.

mdvr taxis in car monitoring system platform improve passengers ride experience and trust

Service Experience Management

Using cameras within the vehicle to record video evidence, reduce the possibility of disputes between drivers and passengers. Reduce the time required to investigate alleged incidents for taxi operators.

mdvr taxis in car monitoring system platform record and provide collision video

Sudden collision record

Upload the video evidence at the time of the accident to the MDVR video surveillance cloud platform for viewing at any time.

taxis cctv video telematics by targestar mdvr solutions manufacturer

Why Targestar?

Over 10+ Years in Fleet Management System Development — We offer the widest range of video telematics solutions to suit your every field


Benefits of an in-vehicle surveillance video telematics platform for taxi operators:

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Beware of complaints or false claims from pedestrians or passengers.

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Reduce insurance costs by eliminating the possibility of false or inflated claims.

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DMS cameras monitor driver behavior to help reduce driving accidents, improve safety and efficiency, and improve the customer ride experience.

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Provides video evidence in the event of a collision, near miss, or aggressive driving against the vehicle owner.

taxis vehicle surveillance demand response diagram

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