School Bus CCTV Surveillance Solutions

Keep your students safe and manage your fleet more efficiently

Manage your school bus fleet more efficiently and safely

Customize a safer, more manageable school bus CCTV system to meet your needs

Get the evidence you need to solve your problems with ease way.

Targestar MDVR school bus monitoring system can track the location of the school bus, ensure attendance and capture clear real-time video surveillance inside and outside the school bus at the first time. 

This ensures school bus safety and prevents driver and student behavior problems on the way.

targestar school buses cctv manufacturer

The most reliable school bus video surveillance platform

Safely & reliably improve school bus fleet management efficiency

products passenger pedestrian safety blind spot collision prevention system improve visibility

Eliminate vehicle blind spots

Through BSD smart camera, the driver is provided with a 360° bird’s-eye view around the school bus, which provides the basis for safe driving.

adas bus rail transit bus rail reduce collisions

Forewarning collision

ADAS camera can give an early warning of the distance ahead to prevent frontal collision accidents.

mdvr school bus transportation route planing

Route Planning

Plan more efficient and safer routes to ensure the safety and efficiency of picking up and dropping off students.

mdvr school bus cctv emergency video recording download icon

Emergency Video Recording Download

In the event of an emergency, Targestar’s MDVR will quickly locate and upload relevant videos to the platform.

school bus cctv transportation improve efficiency


Track your school bus fleet transportation in real-time and generate reports to improve efficiency and performance.

mdvr school transportation solution protect students


Help students embark and disembark safely with stop arms that warn traffic.

targetar school bus transportation cctv solution

Why Targestar?

  • Manufacturing MDVR since 2007, providing school bus video surveillance solutions with rich experience.

  • Trusted by over 4000 school bus groups for safe transportation in the Chinese market.

  • The school bus video surveillance solution provider and product manufacturer integrates GPS positioning, video surveillance, and route planning.

Integrated School Bus Fleet Safety Management Systems

School bus intelligent In-Car camera system helps you improve the efficiency & safety of school bus fleet management

With the development of video telematics technology, solutions for school buses are becoming more and more comprehensive. Transition from simply transporting kids to school buses with safety equipment like mobile DVRs and camera monitoring systems.

Location-based tracking, attendance assurance, and real-time video surveillance of both interior and exterior of the vehicle are among the most discussed requirements for school bus safety, due to the risks regarding behavioral concerns of drivers and students while in transit. 

Therefore, Targestar can build a school bus video surveillance platform that allows you to manage and understand the status of your fleet in real-time. And can be customized according to your needs and budget changes.

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